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By  SApprentice  |  33

Purchase a kilt for him. Tell him that it still qualifies as acceptable under the new "no pants" guideline, while making those around him more comfortable. Tell him that it will make him appear very manly. Everybody wins.

  SApprentice  |  33

11- Why would he get made fun of? There's a man who wears kilts to work every night in my town. His wife makes them for him, these really nice khaki kilts that he wears in place of dress pants. It looks very professional. I may have some hicks in my town who might have nasty comments cross their minds, but most people barely even notice it, except maybe to smile at the unusual nature of it.

True, OP's father might be the kind of stupid ass who would lash out at OP for even making that suggestion. OP should know his father well enough to know if his father would consider the idea and get a laugh out of it, or if that's just not the kind of comment that he should make. I think that if Dad has already made the decision to go pantsless then he's likely already pretty open minded, so a kilt might actually be a good suggestion for him.