By bunnylover - Canada
Today, my dad and I were in the car when a rabbit scurried across the road, just missing us. My dad turned and said to me, "Well, it's good we didn't hit him. He gets to live another day." I then looked in the rear view mirror to see the rabbit running away from the cross traffic, only to be hit by the car behind us. FML
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  Blue_Coconuts  |  7

My friend hit a rabbit and rabbit poop went flying into open window of the car next to us and hit the driver in the face... Now THAT is FML worthy... I did laugh a little though.

  78euge781995  |  0

Poor rabbit. We'll always remember him as Mr. Fluffytails. He invented carrot beer, and was loved by every rabbit in every den. He was going to visit his aunt Mrs.Fluffytails Fluffington. He never got there because of that Camry that kept speeding up. Mr. Fluffytails, may you rest in peace.

  katmandont  |  0

@125 - I think he "loved" every rabbit in every den.
And he probably got hit by one of those Priuses with the stuck accelerator. His progeny should sue Toyota.

  zelly05  |  0

haha maybe d rabbit meant to commit suicide??
so maybe it's an fml for d car behind them?? all dat blood n rabbit guts stuck on d car...eewww...hahaha

  nickernutz  |  0

um. how is this an FML? it has nothing to do with you other than the fact that you saw the rabbit get hit. if anything it's a FHL. fuck his life. cause it's over.

  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

lol 179, Rabbit- Today, I tried to commit suicide by jumping in front of a car. I had second thoughts right then and as if they heard me they swerved out of the way. as I was walking off the road I got pasted by a semi. FML

  Austino713  |  0

from rabbits point of view... "I finally got carrots for my starving family when I got hit by a car im at the vet got a big bill and still no carrots for starving family cuz they got ran over. FML" :)

  Peacemaker9  |  7

I really don't see how this is a fml for u it's more for the rabbit: " shit that car almost killed me!!! ......Wait what that noise? *turns around* holy..........*2nd car hits the rabbit* you on the other hand just witnessed an animals death so i'd call it more like bad luck for u.......

  MadaZer0  |  8

Lmfao! This is the funniest FML I've read in a while. Why in gods name would a rabbit be on the street. Fuck the rabbits life for not being the dominate species of this planet~

  gotsomechange  |  0

I agree with #188! this had got to be the fuinniest damn FML I've read in a long time.. If not the FML, it's the comments that make it so funny..

I literally laughed till I peed... (not kidding I just changed my pants before commenting)