By SMV - 11/11/2008 06:53 - France

Today, my company was having a huge party. I got to work dressed in my best outfit. At the the lunch break my boss told me, "You really missed out on something yesterday, it was great fun!" FML
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Next time put a note on your fridge! You will see it as all living things need to eat! ;)

That's a good idea.

Yes, it's confusing because it says TODAY the company is organizing. Then the boss said OP missed it yesterday.

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i dont get it either

Is this an fml? I agree with everyone else. Idgi

I think she got the dates wrong.

Does she not go to work every day? Only when there's a party?

she could of had the day off when the party was.

hahaha, that sucks. and 4 those of u who dont get it, they missed the party. it was a day before.

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ur not 10th ur 9th...idiot... btw, OP, you really need to get a calender!

btw #9, where in the FML does it say the OP "kicked puppies"? Epic fail