By Anonymous - / Saturday 7 December 2013 20:49 / United States
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  \  |  28

That was your first comment? That's cold, #1.

  Odis12  |  11

That's the point I was going on 56. Yes I understand in colder regions that hot water will freeze, but it will temporarily melt the ice long enough to get the hood open.

  B1ackthesun  |  31

That's a load of crap #32 we get plenty of snow in Australia just ask any one who lives near Mt Buller for one. You might not get weather like that where YOU live but you can't speak for the whole country.

  RLG4  |  20

Depending on how cold it is, that wouldn't work. It's been -30 (Celcius) around here lately, and a cup of water would thaw the hood slightly then freeze it even more. Not much you can do other than wait for the sun to come out, or for it to warm up.