By Ass - / Wednesday 27 March 2019 02:00 /
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By  zeffra13  |  31

How did he even notice? Does Facebook make a post about new friends now? Or did he memorize your friend list? Regardless, that's no where near a healthy reaction. For your own mental sake, consider leaving him.

  Mungolikecandy  |  17

A very good and apt way to sum it up.

  alycion  |  32

Been in a similar situation. The longer you wait to leave, the more they try to force you to stay or get violent for trying to break free. They also love to put you in situations to make it hard to leave. Like near his family and away from yours, your would be support system as well as a possible place to go.

By  Iamthebanzai22  |  11

That is a MASSIVE red light. Get out of there while you can!!!! One of the first things any abuser will do is to isolate their partner before they start abusing them. He already got you to move away from your friends annd family (read support network) and now he is stopping you from building a new support network,. I STRONGLY suggest that you google 'early signs of abuse', you will see that his behaviour matches.