By Anonymous - 27/11/2017 06:00

Today, my boyfriend went down on me for the first time. It would have been great, if a mate of his didn't tell him to put Listerine strips in his mouth first "for the tingle." I've been running cold water over my burning genitals for 15 minutes while he laughs in the door. FML
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Return the favor & see if he is still laughing?


Return the favor & see if he is still laughing?

You're an evil genius.

No offense meant, but it doesn't take that much creativity or genius to do to someone else the exact thing that was done to you.

At least he’s paying lip service to oral hygiene.

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Maybe, but it really does just sound like some ill-advice one dude would tell his buddy.

Well, shower sex would have been a better idea then.

Maybe he was trying to kill bad germs

Eat some spicy food before you give him a blow job

He’s clitorally the worst boyfriend ever!

I didn't know cosmopolitan had expanded their target group to men..

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I'm sorry, OP. Similar thing happened to friends of mine on their honeymoon. They became amorous in the middle of the night, and he accidentally grabbed some Vicks Vap-O-Rub instead of Vaseline, and smeared it all over her privates. She said she spent what seemed like hours with her legs up the bathtub wall, letting the cold water run into her!

cut up some jalapenos rub some on a small part of your hand before foreplay ?