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Because they are bullies.

They choose this particular form of torment because they think it gives them deniability. "But he/she was laughing, so I knew no didn't really mean no!" They know perfectly well that it's a reflex, since everyone does, but they think it's a plausible excuse to be cruel with no consequences to themselves.

By  wysegirl  |  19

He could have had it worse... I've accidently kicked my husband in the balls when he was tickling me.

  indienerdgirl  |  27

I've done that too. I laughed so hard while my husband on the other didn't find it as funny as me lol. But to be fair he accidentally hit me in the nose while I tickled him so... Ah all's fair in love and tickles 😂😂😂

By  ojosRojos  |  28

My boyfriend (now husband) tickled me ONCE. I got so upset that he’s never done it again. THAT’S a normal reaction. Your (ex?) boyfriend literally sounds crazy. Thank u, next!