By Anonymous - / Monday 27 June 2011 13:55 / United States
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  cgchamp89  |  7

Stapling them would put holes in them. Am I missing a reference here?

  Lil_Red777  |  21

#40 yeah you are lol OP's boyfriend took birth control for extra protection even though it won't do anything for him that's why they made the joke about stapling condoms together

  similies06  |  0

You all are idiots, I hope you know that they have a male contraceptive in pill form as well and him being safe makes him more of a man for taking those precautions. Grow up.

  similies06  |  0

no you and the 11 people that liked you and everyone else saying he is stupid are stupid...men can take birth control they do have a male version in pill form.