By smellybelly - / Friday 2 March 2012 06:26 / United States
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  chacha2726  |  0

Don't stick anything in ur belly button u could damage something in ur stomach or if ur a girl u could make ur umbilical chord mess up and then ur belly button would bleed. Ask any doctor theyll tell u wHat i just said. I know this because my mother is a labor and delivery nurse and my doctor told me. The doctor and my mother said its unsafe. But if u wanna mess something up in ur stomach or make ur belly button bleed be my guest.

  MissMae93  |  23

None the less, either way implies it is for children in which case only children would understand the reference. Didn't chose your words carefully enough :)

  chacha2726  |  0

Listen up wacko SHUT UP do u need me to spell it? S-h-u-t (space) u-p just so u know I mean it!!!! MissMae93 is right u DID in fact say spongebob was for 10 year olds and that he needed to go to a website for ten yr olds and u know what u just got told by a 10 year old cuz IM TEN now go some where with STUPID COMMENTS!!!! BYE GIRL!! Don't worry missmae93 we all know ur right and she is wrong