By smellybelly - / Friday 2 March 2012 06:26 / United States
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  chacha2726  |  0

Don't stick anything in ur belly button u could damage something in ur stomach or if ur a girl u could make ur umbilical chord mess up and then ur belly button would bleed. Ask any doctor theyll tell u wHat i just said. I know this because my mother is a labor and delivery nurse and my doctor told me. The doctor and my mother said its unsafe. But if u wanna mess something up in ur stomach or make ur belly button bleed be my guest.

  MissMae93  |  23

None the less, either way implies it is for children in which case only children would understand the reference. Didn't chose your words carefully enough :)

  chacha2726  |  0

Listen up wacko SHUT UP do u need me to spell it? S-h-u-t (space) u-p just so u know I mean it!!!! MissMae93 is right u DID in fact say spongebob was for 10 year olds and that he needed to go to a website for ten yr olds and u know what u just got told by a 10 year old cuz IM TEN now go some where with STUPID COMMENTS!!!! BYE GIRL!! Don't worry missmae93 we all know ur right and she is wrong


Today, my house flooded. Hundreds of dollars worth of art supplies, multiple video game systems, academic awards from middle school, birthday cards from my deceased grandfather; it's all gone. What remained untouched? The cat's litter box, which somehow floated. FML.

By KiraK_320 - / Friday 19 August 2016 01:15 / United States - Baton Rouge
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