By aphre - 18/03/2009 12:35 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend of over a year and I were discussing how neither of us is the other's usual 'type'. I explained that I usually go for insular asshole types and then asked him what made me different from his usual choices. He said 'Oh, well, I usually go for the attractive ones.' FML
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Looks like he's your type after all.

Who is Smile Jesus? Is there also a Frown Jesus?


Looks like he's your type after all.

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#1 is right good luck finding your next boyfriend!! Smile Jesus loves you =)

alexk92 6

^^ slightly pointless comment...

Who is Smile Jesus? Is there also a Frown Jesus?

niamhyo 13

#80 made me laugh so much


well you got what u wanted. u had to bring it up. least now you know ur not pretty.

yup ur rite Shadic person...

I lk smrter by ctng my wrds dwn by a tn. I am sorry for your eye cancer for reading that.

#1 hit that right on the head. Haha.

At least he's not shallow...

thats a plus.......i guess. Lol probably could have said it better though.

kittykat1501 31

He is shallow!

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LOL #1 nailed it. So, how is this a FML again (since you got what you want)? :P

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Haha. How ironic. =]

And you promptly dumped him right?? How insensitive of him. I guess he is your type after all.

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It was obviously a joke. Grow thicker skin and a sense of humor.

Agree with #8, he's just smart. You said you usually date assholes, so he acted like one for a second. :)

i think it was a joke too. a rather cruel one if that. because he has to be attracted to you to have been dating you for a year