By sigh - United States
Today, my boyfriend got upset after I politely asked him to do the laundry. He takes every chance he gets to act macho and brag to people about how he's in the Marines, but apparently he is too much of a pussy to act like a man and clean his own clothes. FML
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  jhldc  |  1

Op your bf is in the military. He serves his country puts his life on the line. Who gives a damn about him not doing laundry. This isn't a fml its how most guys are. Like a mother telling her son clean his room. I hate pointless fmls like this.

  Tookie22  |  5

Tell him to quit being an Fn boot or you'll haze his ass. He's been doing his own laundry since bootcamp. He's being lazy. Nobody cares he is a Marine. Trust me he isn't special.
44- he's a stupid boot most likely a pog. Maines wash their clothes. Whether its a frickin MRE box with rocks and a trash bag or the luxury of a washing machine.

  rldostie  |  19

He's a POG. He knows how to do his own laundry if he's a Marine. In fact, he also knows how to sew. So next time you have a hole in a pair of clothing, hand it to him, tell him to Marine up, and sew it for you.

Marines, like most of the military, are trained to be self sufficient. He just wants you to do it for him. If I were you, I'd let his dirty clothes pile up until he either washes it himself or goes around in dirty clothes. It is in no way your responsibility to make sure his clothes are clean.

By  cjwalsh86  |  0

My husband just got back from Iraq. He also thinks since he's not required to keep everything spotless, he acts the complete opposite at home. I understand this persons frustration after I repeatedly clean up after the tornado that has now arrived! But God bless our soldiers, I still love him!

  usmcgalie  |  0

Can't even tell you how many of my guy friends make wookie jokes. Then all turn to me and are like but not you D, your cool. Lmao. Good times. Semper Fi to you too man.