By Justawoman - 04/06/2014 15:52 - Denmark - Aarhus

Today, my boyfriend complained all day about being bored, so wanting to cheer him up, I put on some sexy clothes and went to his house. I got on his bed in my underwear and called him over. He quickly decided he'd rather play Diablo for the next five hours instead. FML
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whiskeey 14

His priorities are messed up

Well, I guess he found something to do. Too bad it didn't turn out to be you.


whiskeey 14

His priorities are messed up

Yep, it isn't that great a game.

Or being bored and then instantly trying to get into sex doesn't work for him? Videogames are much better at killing boredom because of not requiring too much of a mood to get into. How can you have sex without the right mood? And not everyone is a sex fiend, like you may believe. And #3, you've clearly never played the games, they're fantastic. :)

@#1 His priorities are fine. Contrary to popular belief, guys don't think about sex 24/7. Sometimes people are just not in the mood. OP's boyfriend probably didn't intend for OP to get dressed and come over just so he could turn her down... He just said he was bored! If he doesn't want to, he isn't obligated to pleasure OP whenever she wants. When a guy gets ready and a woman is not in the mood, that's perfectly acceptable and everyone should understand. But when the roles are reversed, it ends up on FML. Hahah. :)

Maybe he's just not into her. It happens.

And #54, in this case he clearly did not want to "get into her", if you know what I mean...

martin8337 35

#1, thank you, I was gonna make the same comment. Any more, it seems like a lot of these young guys have their priorities messed up.

EphMi 5

sex isn't always the answer.

#41 - kindly accept this personalized, no homo, long distance virtual hug from me on behalf of all the men who occasionally, let their blood circulate the extra mile all the way up to their upper head instead of settling down around the lower head for ever.

His priorities are straight as an arrow fired straight down a cliff into a target that is all one color.

54, if he wasn't into her, why would she so casually try and have sexual with him? Why would they even be together?

SmittyJA24 26

To #67: Really? No matter what the question, sex is a good answer.

I totally understand that guys aren't always in the mood, but if my S/O put that much effort into pleasing me, I'd appreciate it. Shutting her down like that and playing a game for 5 hours instead is rude, and I'd feel the same if the genders were reversed.

@67 peanut butter is the answer

incoherentrmblr 21

At least he didn't text you a pic of his dog looking blazed...

Yes but he could have actually said that he wasn't in the mood instead of ignoring her for 5 hours.

Nah, man. Diablo is serious shit. Don't get between a man and his game of Diablo.

maybe hes not frustrated?

BradTheBrony 19

And obviously #66, being 51 years old, goes out on the town and gets pussy every single night.

Okay but seriously who turns down pussy... Answer: a pussy

chromegirl666 7

Yeah, somebody is going to have to clue you in here. He's either gay or getting it somewhere else.

Or it's a really good gamw

Yeah it's just a really good game

Which it isn't.

#2 Or he is just not in the mood? Guys aren't always wanting it, you know.

Brody_Generico 7

Ya cause there is only two ways to go about this one

He is not gay, just needs to learn how to multitask.

OP should spice up the video game playing, like loser has to do all the work, or that other person's idea of "multitasking."

daisylokes 16

You should of just took control, by pulling his pants down and sucking his cock. it works for me all the time, no man can resist a blowjob trust me.. lol

Because they're always gay if not attracted to you.

Well, I guess he found something to do. Too bad it didn't turn out to be you.

Demig0d6 14

Maybe your boyfriend is gay

Delete the game from his computer then :p

Are you Insane?! Go die in a hole demon!

Then there would be a murder, and the jury would understand and let him off.

#14 Chill out, man - it's one guy's opinion. No need to call him a demon and tell him to die in a hole.

Insinuating that a digital game can be deleted.

It wouldn't do much, the Character is saved on his profile, instead ask for him to teach you.. I love when my girlfriend asks that

No offence, but if my boyfriend did that to one of my games that I enjoyed I would be pissed. Just because he didn't want to have sex does not mean she has to go overboard and delete a game that could take hours of his time redownloading.

cjwayy 22

I don't think turning down sex is the problem here. You're at your boyfriend's house, and he plays video games instead of spending any sort of time with you? He sounds like he doesn't care about your relationship very much.

He is spending time with her. He literally just doesn't want to have sex. Do you assume she stayed under the covers for a whole 5 hours?

ChristianH39 30

If he's playing video games, how is he spending the time with her? Her just being present =/= quality time.

How did #7 get so many likes?? fucking sexism man!

cjwayy 22

#55, how is this sexist? It would be equally as terrible for a girl to play video games and completely ignore her boyfriend too.

My ex used to sit on Skype with his mates and play games that made him angry, especially after asking me to come over. Yet if I even checked my emails which takes less than 2 minutes, he would go insane.

cjwayy 22

#70, I'm glad he's your ex.

its true!! 100% agree

TallMist 32

#33 Ever heard of multiplayer?

ChristianH39 30

You sound like an awesome girlfriend! He sounds like he might not be straight.

Yes she does sound like an awesome girlfriend - but just because he doesn't want to have sex at that very moment does not make him gay.

ChristianH39 30

I was definitely being 100% serious.

#42, there is no sarcasm font.

FrancesShiver 20

Seems like you have to play too! x (shit I'm so cryptic omfg)

ChristianH39 30

You were just looking for an excuse to use the word cryptic (incorrectly btw) weren't you?

Wizardo 33

Relax, she's just trying to meet the new word quota set by 7th grade summer school.

rachangie 19

Maybe you should look up words before you use them...just something to think about in the future.

you can only try so hard...

TheDrifter 23

Nah, she could go all out and cosplay one of the female characters to get him in the mood. Who knows, they might find out they're into it.

"Diablo or sex? Diablo it is!" said the single man to his hand later that night....Bazinga!

Well to be honest #15 some of those Legendaries can be pretty dam sexy...

You ruined it with the whole "Bazinga" thing.

#51, i think he made it better

If he decided to masturbate after doing that, i'd be pretty pissed. He made it clear he wasn't interested, so it would be unfair.

Love your train of thought. Sadly, your boyfriend is oblivious to this. You may want to re-evaluate this relationship. Video games, should NOT take precedence over "quality" time with your significant other.

brettrb 18

People need time to themselves sometimes. This was one instance - and there is nothing in the post to insinuate that it happens often. If you think that just because two people are dating that they should always be ready to spend time together and get intimate, you're far off base. That's a relationship bound for failure just as much as one where the two rarely see each other.

She came over coz he spent hours saying he was bored.. He had all that time to himself and chose it to complain.