By perfectmoment - 10/10/2009 22:22 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend called me and told me he wanted me to stay the night. I decided to wear my sexiest outfit for him so I put on my kinky nurse outfit and drove over to his house. I let myself in his front door, to which I found 40 of my closest friends staring at me for my surprise birthday party. FML
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clockworkrainbow 3

Forget about your birthday? Oh well, I'd still enjoy the party.

haha hey op it can still go the way you wanted it to ;)


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way to make the best of it lol

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whoa.. a while ago the first comment was "OMG FIRST!" now its "hahahahaha"

Zhejan 0

I know someone who can suck their own penis

cackle 0

not really an fml, a "good memories" kinda thing lol.

renaet 0

Wow why wouldn't you just bring the outfit with you? o_o

well that is awkward.

supercu96 0

ahahah isnt that a good thing? second btw

haha hey op it can still go the way you wanted it to ;)

You're a fucking idiot.

fringle 0

LOL that's the first fml I've seen without an FML at the end.

you're right. what the fuck?

supercu96 0

#6 maybe it got a little intense at night.................................

Wow, I didn't even notice that. But I'm sure the moderators will fix it. (And then people will come along and reply to you calling you a dumbass and saying "of course it ends in FML!")

fail on the part of the people moderating the FMLs... you're supposed to deny these.

fringle 0

you're welcome. wow ive never met an fml staff hehhe :)

of course it ends in FML!

clockworkrainbow 3

Forget about your birthday? Oh well, I'd still enjoy the party.

falconpunch125 0

Why did she deserve it dick head?

for wearing an unoriginal costume.

If most guys saw their girlfriends in something sexy, originality totally wouldn't matter... especially when it's going to be taken off, anyway. :]

dun_dun_dun 0

OP is only 14 and drives?

Where the hell did you see 14? But I as much as this is an FML, I woulda had to beg my ex when I was with her to get kinky like that. OP has a lucky bf. ________________________

dun_dun_dun 0

I looked at her profile.

Good on ya for checking, but her profile says "I also share this account with my older sister." Or maybe she just added that as soon as you wrote your comment. Who knows?

Relax, dude. Nobody straight-up accused you of anything. And you can't blame us for being suspicious of it when there are so many fake FMLs out there. But personally if an OP replies I'm a lot more likely to believe it.

MiddleChild08 0

Well, it's October. Tell them you found out about it and thought it was a costume party...

fringle 0

oh they changed it now. EDIT um this meant to be a reply to #6

Yeah, but you're replying to #17... your post that told her it was changed was #18... :P EDIT: Hey, where did Didi's post go? This site is getting more and more inconsistent with the comments...