By bonzo - Australia - Perth
  Today, my boyfriend broke up with me after I drove two hours to his house, because he wanted to do it face to face. Then told me that if I wanted, we could have sex one last time, but I would have to leave right after, otherwise it would be weird. FML
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  ScarredVox92  |  16

I know how OP feels, for the most part. I live in Mississippi and drove all the way to Oklahoma once, just to get dumped by the girl that had just begged me not to break up with her because she was moving away.

  MonstreBelle  |  28

He let her drive two hours to his house knowing he was just going to break up with her and tell her to leave, unless she wanted to have sex one last time, of course. He's an asshole. When you're breaking up with someone who lives that far away, you should be the one making the trip. That's the nature semi-long and long distance relationships.

  Tournesol143  |  28

In my opinion, if he wanted to break up with her in person he should have driven to her.

He had the opportunity to be a good guy - he could have picked her up, taken her for dinner and had a mature conversation - and they could potentially have remained friends.

Instead, he chose the douche route.

  Kielnmsoftly  |  26

No, even if what he did was wrong that is sexual assault I'm pretty sure and just generally fucked up if not. It's not like he even cheated on her and of he broke up over the phone, people would shit on him then too. He might be generally stupid for that last remark or was possibly using it to lighten the mood but failed horribly. Fyl though op as that
was a shitty way to break up with someone. He should've came to you or met halfway instead of making you drive far to break up with you.