By worstwaytodumpagirl - United Kingdom - Harrow
Today, my boyfriend bought me a pair of jeans. I couldn't fit into them, and he reacted to this by saying I've gotten too fat for him, and he can't be with me anymore. I took them off and saw they were a size 4. I've been a size 8 for the past 2 years, and he knows this. FML
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  levention  |  18

Size 8?! Someone needs to hit the gym.

  TwistedCherub1  |  15

Even if she was talking about an U.S. size 8, that's not fat. My sister wears an 8 and she's a college cheerleader who eats super healthy and works out with a trainer 5 days per week.

By  warriorkitty_  |  10

I cant even......
Best revenge? Somehow exercise lots for one year and get to a size 4 while secretly sending him fattening food like cake and fast food etc. Then do the same to him.>:D opps you are too fat for me now ;D

  warriorkitty_  |  10

Haha okay!!Looking back,I did realised how unrealistic my comment was because
1.)the money used for petty revenge could be put into other more useful stuff like new clothes etc.
2.)In one year time,OP probably wouldnt give a shit about revenge.
3.)I probably wouldnot be motivated to lose that much weight just for an ex.
Yes yes,I did forgot about cultural difference because I personally am a size 4 (I think.Based on google.) and most of the girls here are like 45kg max.(Thats around 99pounds)
Whereas size 4 is considered healthy and anything above that could be considered on the overweight size for Asians,it does not match the bone structure of Caucasians.Pictures of size 4 Caucasians I looked up in google looked extremely anorexic,like a walking skeleton.
So yes,I do apologise for posting without actual thought whatsoever.

By  greeneyebeauty9  |  28

It sounds like he was being a jerk and trying to use an excuse to break things off with you. There's nothing wrong with being that size. He didn't deserve you if he couldn't have broken things off with you while being honest with it.

By  KinkyCurly  |  13

^---- I agree with all the comments & wanted to add that I hope you don't end up forgiving him for acting this way. Those kind of guys deserve to be alone.

By  Ramanella  |  26

You deserve better. Be with someone who is man enough, so when things aren't working out he will break it off like a decent human being. Btw a size 8 is not fat.