By CorpseBride - New Zealand - Auckland
  Today, my boyfriend asked me to talk dirty in bed for him, and my brain went blank and I panicked. I couldn't think of what to say so I suddenly blurted out, "Do whatever you want with my body. Treat it like a corpse!" He laughed his head off and I died a little inside. FML
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By  KATLDVL  |  7

ok not ideal, but keep trying. I had a girlfriend who was not confident and when i asked her to talk dirty she told me to tell her what to say and that she would say anything I wanted. So that's what we did--I'd say it and she'd repeat it in a sexy voice. It was great!

By  BatBee  |  12

My hubby and essentially play dead body. ?
Basically he does what he wants and I act like a sex doll (he positions me etc). Give it a try! It's fun!