By Anonymous - United States
Today, my boyfriend and I were play-wrestling on the couch. I got thirsty, so I got up and grabbed a metal water bottle and drank out of it. He tried to playfully touch it and spill water on me, but instead hit it hard enough to where it slammed my mouth, chipped my tooth, and cut open my lip. FML
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  lettertjes  |  0

If you lost the chip, they can put some sort of clay-like paste on it and then you have to wait for that to harden and then they polish it in the right shape.

I chipped my tooth once and the chip was put back on, but I was a kid and a few months later I chewed on a pencil and the chip came off again and I lost it. So then they used that paste and I got a perfect tooth with it.

  BlueTwist89  |  0

Plastic bottles are still very common. Yes it's true there's research about some plastics being dangerous. It's all depends on the type (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7?). I think it's like the lower numbers are more dangerous. But idk. I bet when metal water bottles become more prevalent, there'll be studies showing that it's also hazardous. We can't win >.<.