By Anonymous - / Thursday 18 March 2010 07:05 / United States
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  lettertjes  |  0

If you lost the chip, they can put some sort of clay-like paste on it and then you have to wait for that to harden and then they polish it in the right shape.

I chipped my tooth once and the chip was put back on, but I was a kid and a few months later I chewed on a pencil and the chip came off again and I lost it. So then they used that paste and I got a perfect tooth with it.

  BlueTwist89  |  0

Plastic bottles are still very common. Yes it's true there's research about some plastics being dangerous. It's all depends on the type (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7?). I think it's like the lower numbers are more dangerous. But idk. I bet when metal water bottles become more prevalent, there'll be studies showing that it's also hazardous. We can't win >.<.

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