By ouchhhh
Today, my boyfriend and I decided to try something new in bed. He blindfolded me and I felt something cold on my lady parts. 5 seconds later it started burning so I looked. He decided to use toothpaste because he couldn't find chocolate sauce to lick off. It hurts to pee. FML
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By  zuckerburg  |  21

I'm just glad he didn't "spice it up" by using chili....regardless, ladies, please have some open communication with your man when you decide to try new things to discuss the various in's and out's (pun intended) of your vagina, i.e What can go in/on top and what can't.

By  Mungolikecandy  |  19

You must have had a severe reaction or have some form of prescription toothpaste for that to happen. If it was deep heat or something similar I could believe it.