By Welpthatwasfast
  Today, my boyfriend and I decided to mix it up and find a good place outdoors to have fun. After an hour of climbing up a rocky mountainside to a completely isolated clearing, out of the way of any hiking path, he was still so paranoid that he finished within 20 seconds. FML
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whoosh. while it's not kosher to explain jokes I will explain anyways.. for educational purposes. nah just kidding. I'm not that pompous. I just know I like things explained to me when I'm confused or mistaken so why not? it was a pun joke thing. a rocky start like a shaky aka not very good start to a good time. thus a rocky start to an underwhelming time wouldn't even make sense using the same context (saying ? idiom? idk.)

By  TheLadyOpal  |  30

An isolated clearing is still technically out in the open, so I think I can understand why he still felt exposed. Don't be too tough on him and hopefully you'll both be able to give it another shot someday soon.