By sam - Australia
  Today, my boyfriend and I decided to do something fun and spontaneous, so we had sex in the disabled toilet in the shopping centre. Little did we know, the male AND female toilets were conveniently being cleaned at the time, so the only toilet open was the disabled one. Walk of shame. FML
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  AziraLevana  |  2

OP: As a disabled person, I'm here to tell you that you deserve more humiliation than you got. Go and be "spontaneous" somewhere it won't affect others. If someone YOU love had been disadvantaged due to another's selfish behaviour, you'd have been disgusted. Why is it okay for you to cause pain to someone else's loved ones? How much more embarrassing and difficult do you think it would be for a disabled person if they soiled themseves because of some selfish arseholes shagging in their toilet? You deserve worse than what you got.

  Drakanaa  |  0

The only way it could be worse is if there were blatantly obvious semen stains. Then even I would have called them out. "Hey Bill and Monica! Hope you get that dry cleaned!"

  Diaubalick_de  |  0

In America they also say "in the toilet" or "in the bathroom" when you are in the room the toilet is in, but here is Germany, when you say "in the toilette" it means IN the damn toilet. If you want to mean the room the toilet is in you say "on the toilet" or "by the toilet"

  happyhak  |  5

"Today, my boyfriend and I decided to do something fun and spontaneous" By having sex in a toilet for disabled people? Really? Well, after hearing this it sounds like you and your boyfriend ARE disabled! Seriously, if you and your boyfriend think sex in a disabled toilet is "fun and spontaneous" then you two really need to get out more!

  izzy0122  |  0

OP said that only bathroom open was the disabled one.. so had someone needed to use it really bad and then a disabled person came he or she would have needed to wait regardless. but I'm not agreeing with having sex in a public bathroom that's disgusting.. I like custodians/ janitors enjoy cleaning piss? I doubt they do a perfect job so there is lotsaaa freaking germs!

ydi op .. have sex in a car or something.. where the idea of getting caught heats things up..

  MikeStern  |  1

At #46 and #57, while what the Op did was pretty stupid they didn't harm disabled people very much since they still had to wait for anyone else who was using the only working bathroom there. And they probably didn't take more than the time it takes for a large dump.

I'm sorry but I just dislike it when people go on a self-righteous rant and they're not even right.


Ha! The first time I read this, I understood disabled as not open for use. So I was thinking, "Sex in a public restroom? Gross. Sex in the vicinity of a public toilet clogged with a giant double deuce? Vomit!!"

Then I finished reading it and felt like an idiot.

  Renisca  |  5

To #85: Yeah, but that doesn't excuse the fact that they were having sex in a public restroom's stall, using it unnecessarily. It's called a facility for a reason; it serves one function and one bodily function only. What if there were children in the restroom? I know some noises can't be explained away as constipation. Just because they didn't take long doing it doesn't mean it's not totally crass, rude and disgusting. If you have to go #1 or #2, do it, because that's what restrooms are for, but don't DO IT and insert the 1 into the 0 (yeah, yeah, I'm getting pretty crude myself), because that's just...ugh. UGH.

  sethew32  |  0

this is exactly why I only use public restrooms if I absolutely HAVE to! ...nasties! do that shit at home or somewhere where other ppl don't have to sit in the aftermath unaware of what just happened there. besides that sex in a bathroom where god only knows what has happened in is gross to begin with.

  mwangi101  |  15

think about it. there's 1 bathroom currently available at the mall. you, children, elders, etc are waiting to go. after ages you a young couple walk out with wrinkled clothes and shamed looks.... wouldn't you be disgusted?