By Anonymous - / Thursday 20 November 2014 20:15 / United States - San Francisco
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  purpleturtle16  |  20

Move everyone to Ethernet, lock your device MACs to the WiFi, enjoy high speed connectivity without anyone else hogging your bandwidth and ask for a raise because you "protected" the entire office! Win-Win!

  T_Young96  |  13

Not necessarily. Most older aged people aren't as tech savvy as the younger generation. That doesn't make him stupid just unaware of today's technology and depending on this guy's job he may not be required to know today's latest technology. So really.. Who's the stupid on here..


#20, that makes sense. I thumbed myself down, because now that I think about it, if his boss were older it would make sense. I had some different kind of logic that doesn't really make sense now...

  T_Young96  |  13

I like you #21. Your a cool dude! Let it be known in this day!! FML has finally completed a knowledgable and decent debate without use of profanity, name calling, or sarcasm.. Here's to you FML!!! Progress March on!!!

By  cmchappy  |  24

If he worked for a tech company he would be drowning in irony

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