By Anonymous - 05/08/2014 02:00 - United States - New Ulm

Today, my blind date turned out to be my gynecologist. FML
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Who says you can't date your gynecologist?!

At least now he's not trying to get in your pants...


Who says you can't date your gynecologist?!

FroggerForReal 11

Doctors can't legally date their patients otherwise they could be suspended or lose their license. plus if it didn't work out then it would be really awkward next visit.

well she could always switch to another gynecologist. if she actually likes him anyway

drunkmunkey 24

hey he knows what he's getting into

Doctors aren't supposed to date patients

The medical board.

I think if she became his patient AFTER they started dating they'd be fine, but this ain't the case.

yet another reason to have a woman OBGYN. or if you prefer women, than pick a guy. Makes things simple :-)

Literally everybody says that it's a terrible idea

incoherentrmblr 21

The best idea for it all: A gay man. It'll all be strictly professional then.

At least now he's not trying to get in your pants...

stuner56 22

Or is he?

He is, but he also gets payed for it.

orbit 22

Yeah, cause he already did that

Oh my heck LOL I was already laughing hard but now I'm dying

#49 The gynecologist can't help you. Try the ER.

On the bright side, he/she knows your vagina as well as you.

And he can tell you if it's the nicest one he's seen without sounding like a player.

orbit 22

You could say he knows op inside and out

I feel like as a gyno you'd see so many vaginas that'd you'd only remember the awful ones. With that theory, let's hope OP'S date did not recognize her.

Look on the bright side, doctor-patient confidentiality.

Kyle1dc 17

Oh God, I'm picturing the conversation... Doc: Soooooo, nice vagi- I mean eyes you have. OP: (Blankly stares back)

Lol that's so funny! Then if you guys go further you will always think of your gynecologist :p

He got a sneak peek!!

yeyeboys 20

Well that escalated quickly.

I don't think you understand that joke correctly.

That joke doesn't work with this FML.

Ain't so blind anymore.

If things go well you get free appointments

I forget that people in other countries have to pay to see a doctor... most girls I know don't even want to go to the gynecologist and it's free.

rub it in, why don't ya

DeltaDragonxx 20

rub in the free 3 month wait for strep throat.

People without coverage at their work or through a spouse or parent still have to pay!!! Plus we all pay, through taxes.

#98 It's true we pay through taxes. So no it isn't "free" but I have no problem having my taxes go to health care for everyone. But my point was if you aren't a girl you don't understand how uncomfortable a Pap test is, there's nothing like getting a cold speculum prying open your lady bits.... Seriously I'd rather turn my head and cough. Boys have it so much better.

this has got to be one of the most funniest fml posts ever! lmfaooo hope you find him attractive

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