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  Ambient25  |  24

Here are three things that currently don't make sense.

1: I just wrote the band name, how the hell are you still going to misspell it?
2: Of course they can post on here. It's an online website. Just because you're famous doesn't open a whole new online experience.
3: How did you survive without an imagination?

  Keriu  |  9

Every time I see a comment like this I can't help but think "damn am I the only one who likes nickelback anymore..? u.u" then I remember that when he went to the country I was born in they threw rocks at them and booed them off stage and the concert ended like 30 seconds into the first song -_-

By  Jseldi  |  10

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  cricketsins  |  36

Zomg, is it? I would have thought that would be merciful and thoughtful, but maybe that is a flawed way of thinking. I think it might depend on the person proposing. If they're not known to handle public embarrassment well then I'd definitely let them down in private.

  Zomg_Okay  |  26

Proposing in front of a crowd was a stupid thing to do without being sure of her feelings on the matter. But saying "Yes" and then turning around later to say in private "I didn't actually mean it, I just wanted to save face" is a horrible thing to do.

  Aleys_fml  |  21

Zomg, I agree with you. If he decides to propose in public he takes the risk of getting rejected in public. Saying "yes" and then "no" is just stupid.

  irilox_fml  |  9

I actually saw once a FML where the girl said yes in front of people and then later said that she said yes to avoid embarrassment and that her real response is no (could be it was a FML on the French version)

By  Thunderstruck14  |  30

Proposals in front of huge crowds = bad idea. Sometimes they turn out great but remember, this is between you and your girl. Talk to her first about it. Marriage is for two people to decide together, not for one to ask suddenly in front of an audience.

By  acoustics  |  18

Sorry, OP! That sucks. However, usually before asking such an important question in front of an audience, it's a good idea to already know the answer. Otherwise, as in this case, it puts an enormous amount of pressure on the person in question. I hope you all can talk and figure things out together. Good luck!

By  chuka81  |  27

You totally deserved that. Publicly ambushing a girl with a marriage proposal is wrong. You should've done it in private and save both of you the embarrasment.