By BigSister - 13/09/2009 18:19 - United States

Today, my 15 year old sister came home at 4am totally stoned. My parents treated her really nicely and woke me up. I'm now grounded until I go college for being a bad influence. I volunteer at schools to talk about abusing drugs. FML
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Grounded? Fuck that. Man up, tell your parents they're being unreasonable, and go do what you like.

tell them it's their fault for not teaching you not to do drugs...


WOW> hella sucks for you. Dont be too sad though..

Your comment reflects your intelligence.

Lol, agree'd with 17 before anyone posted it

i agree with 17 too. ...good prediction? haha

Aww. That sucks. =(

tell them it's their fault for not teaching you not to do drugs...

LOL i love you for that comment!

I know that kind of parents, I really feel your pain. idk the word for it in english, but it sort of sounds like the lastborn child syndrome

that doesn't mean you don't do drugs maybe they use you as an example of how bad people turn out when their on drugs

Marijuana barely even does anything to your body! What's the big deal? Infact, with the prohibition it's easier to get weed then alcohol!

out of a bong, i see no problem with it. Smoking (at all) should be banned, I think. And no, weed is NOT easier to get than alcohol.

Weed IS easier to get than alcohol, if you're under 21. Seriously. Drug dealers sell to anyone. And smoking shouldn't be banned; that takes away freedom. If they banned smoking, they'd use the same argument to ban something else. It's a slippery slope.

Marijuana wrecks your short term memory, kills brain cells (which can't be replaced) and puts you at really serious health risks. What was that about barely doing anything to your body?

Really PandaPandaPanda?? And what the hell is your SourceSourceSource??? I HIGHLY doubt you have one, and citing some crappy wiki page, OR some bullshit blog is NOT a source. Please, I challange you to give me one verifiable source to support all that you asserted in your post. Frankly, just because you DECIDED to make up something, or you heard something through the grapevine does not make it true, valid or even remotely relevant. Before you go telling people that they're killing brain cells, and have "serious health risks" at least check out what your saying. It may have an impact on your short term memory, however, there are NO serious health risks associated with Marijuana and there is also NO verifiable evidence that you lose brain cells (that never come back). Why dont you pick up a book, rather then listening to rediculous crap that uneducated people spew in your direction, obviously your verbal sources are lacking, hit me up if you need some reading recommendations that will verse you on the actual implications of Marijuana.

This is basically bullcrap... Weed does less damage to your body then alcohol. In fact, the worst part about smoking weed is the tobacco that's used to keep it burning. Also @ OP: If I'd get the blame for my sister coming home stoned, I'd make her admit I had nothing to do with it. I'm not going to get grounded because she's stupid enough to take drugs without knowing how to handle them. I can be pretty much a pain in the ass kid when I get the blame for something I haven't done... And it works!

Um...there is no tobacco in weed that is used to keep it burning. It is a plant, it burns by itself. Unless you put tobacco in it yourself, but that is not so it keeps burning.

you guys would seriously all know since you all smoke it wake up to the real world it's not cool to do drugs it ruins your life you guys are all imature bitches(by the way you just got owned by a 12 your old you homos)

first marijuana has tar and you keep it inhaled longer. so it affects your lungs. it does screw with your short term memory if you are a user of it commonly. wikipedia has been found to be as accurate as the online thesaurus, from a study done a while ago all you people that say it does nothing, probably do it. stop being so arrogant and accept the fact that it can do something.

if you smoke it without the tar it's fine even George Washington grew meridicinal marijuana

oh my fucking god 110... They obviously teach children that their aren't any medical benefits or that marijuana is a pain reliever that doesn't have as high of an addiction rate as others such as vicodin, percisits or how about any other narcotics. Marijuana was legalized in over 10 states now for medical use, meaning that the legislative branch in a series of states believes it's helpful. In fact California is having a vote this year for recreational use (over the age of 18). So before we get "owned" by a 12 "your" old, learn what you're talking about, not just what dare officers tell you.

Take a fucking hike you dumb 12 yearold you have no say in this.

guys try smoking catnip. has same effects as pot, but it isnt illegal.

wow your parents clearly have bad judgement.