By Anonymous
Today, I fell asleep on the couch and my boyfriend thought it would be cute to carry me to bed. He knocked my head on the door frame and I pretended it didn't hurt because he felt so bad, but I shouldn't have. I was rushed to the hospital hours later with a concussion. FML
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  xXDemonWolfXx  |  13

Or he didn’t want to drop her on accident so he was hurrying because I highly doubt she’s below 100 pounds and depending on how far he had to go that’s not super easy.

By  just_me_cee  |  7

I had a head injury before that lead to a concussion and that turned into a month long constant migraine so OP I feel really bad for you. I know it must hurt. lots of icing every 20 minutes and hot baths do give some relief. I still get really bad migranes the injury happened anout 4 years ago.
I hope your boyfriend will make it up to you and take care of you. Feel better soon.

By  James Thompson  |  8

He must have slammed your head against the wall. A simple accidental knock on the head doesn’t seem likely to result in a concussion. Does he often have accidents involving you?