By SirPimPim - Sweden
Today, it was a long queue at the store, and behind me were two senior citizens. I wanted to do a good deed, and said: "Cut before me in line, I have all the time in the world." My reward? The old man scolded me because I supposedly insinuated that they were old, and only had a short time left to live. FML
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  kaitidid16  |  0

you have to be extra careful what you say aroun old people there sensitive lol I work in a nursing home I know how it feels to be yelled at over a misunderstanding GL next time OP

  Jokey007  |  3

20 I approve of your shirt m/(>_<)m/

to the post: I guess it's not a ydi, bc you were trying to do something good. but your life really isn't fucked... watch what you say next time...

  bonicr  |  0

OP, you're probably a very awkward person. I mean those old people are stupid to assume your intentions were to insult them by wasting more of your own time, but you're still probably very awkward.

  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

yeah YDI for trying to be generous to senior citizens, do you think they care when they cut you off while driving on the street?nope, because if you hit them they will get the money, next time YOU cut THEM :D

  fylhahahaha  |  0

this reminds me of when my dad met OJ Simpson while golfing and tried to give him some advice when he tried to hit the ball really hard. "it never works out when you try and kill it" hahahaha!

  MandyRulesAll  |  0

Aww, you were just being nice. He is just sensitive or having a bad day I guess. Don't let it stop you from doing nice things like that :). People who say you deserve it are silly, you used a common term that lots of people do.