By Anonymous - Germany - Berlin
Today, it's my only day off work in a while. I told my boss I'd be available via phone in case of emergencies. So far I've been called three times: To ask how the fax works, to let me know it's a slow day, and to ask me where the letter R is on a keyboard. FML
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  wlddog  |  14

And they seem to have adopted our language, sort of. At least they are easier to read now then the Hieroglyphics in Egypt.

By  NickaPLZ  |  26

Sounds like you need to be the boss, not him.

  wjh100  |  13

eh idk what the rules of the time were but at least one of his parents was german. so I don't know late 19th German law but just because he was born in the austrain-hungarian empire doesn't mean he wasn't german

  bombtastic  |  10

Not always to relax. A day off means you stay the hell away from the place in every way possible. People do more than just relax, they catch up on errands.. lol.