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Punch her in the mouth, then give her the number to your denist. Call him ahead of time tell hi to make it as painful as possible.


Your dentist doesn't do that? My dentistry records all of their kids' birthdays and on their birthday, they post on their website, happy birthday (insert name here) and a brief little message, just to make their day, in case it wasn't going so good.

that sucks. at least you dont have to go through a divorce and have a chance to have a wedding with a better guy. i hope you have some cake and icecream - happy birthday heres to a better year. oh and dont give the ring back - go pawn it. he did give it to you so do what you want with it.


Jeez... you don't have to be mean about it!! I swear, all of the copius levels of hate and agression in this world will lead you no where in life.


#7 has a point. Keep that ring and pawn it! it was a gift after all. Also, I'm jealous of your dentist, Happy b-lated!


I agree. You can sell it on idonowidont.com. It'll get you a better price than pawning it will.

@lolwhat You're an idiot for having to post 'first'... I hope your comment gets moderated. As for the OP.... that definitely sucks. Keep your head up high and realize that there is someone better for you out there. Ditch the friend since she can't seem to keep her priorities straight. Also find a hot friend of your boyfriend and have a field day with him ( or a younger brother or your ex's father). Nothing like a little vengence from a woman scorned.

What a crappy best friend and ex-fiance. Sounds like the lowlifes deserve each other. Don't give the ring back if he cheated!! Sell it an go on a sweet ass vacation to celebrate your birthday! :)

sorry to hear that :( from all your friends from fml.com (that you don't really know lol); HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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