By LittleRed79 - Canada
Today, it's difficult being a single woman in my city: The female/male ratio is 3:1, and the last 3 dates I've been on were with a guy who kept asking for nudes, an aggressive raging alcoholic, and what turned out to be a married man. I'm seriously considering adopting several more cats. FML
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  Fuhkyoo  |  17

most likely victoria, typically male filled university classes there have about 5 guys in them and the rest women, at least thats what ive been told.

  species4872  |  19

it's on the dark side of the moon

By  DragonitePaladin  |  6

Funny considering most level-headed men won't go anywhere near women in north America (thanks to 3rd wave feminism and women in general). You reap what you sow then complain about it online? Guess what you're stuck with all the tough guys, bad boys, and assholes since all the "good guys" opted out (MGTOW) or left the continent altogether LMAO