By HHHE4 - / Monday 21 January 2019 04:00 /
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  HHHE4  |  7

I'm the OP. I'm sorry I didn't put the proper too* I know how much that must eat at you! There's always one guy who knows more than the rest. Thank you for correcting me. I'll be sure to please you next time Professor!👍


Except this isn’t a case of someone knowing more; you even admitted to knowing you made a mistake. Grammar is more important than people realize. Maybe you should focus less on your sarcasm and work harder on your written grammar.

- Person with (one literature class short of) a bachelor’s in English

By  Chazzster  |  20

OP - Things like that are more common than you would think. I gave my son a reproduction katana (Japanese long sword) for Christmas one year. It was what he wanted. Later that day we had to take him to the ER - He had cut his thigh with the Katana swinging it around. The ER people seem pretty much unsurprised by the explanation - I was imagining having to fill out a criminal investigation... Son got stitches and a tetanus shot and healed just fine.

  HHHE4  |  7

Glad he healed and recovered fully!🙏 That's exactly how my day went. The doctor acted like it was as common as the flu. I also received a shot in my left arm. That is just the way the cookie crumbles!😂 The cut bled a lot but didn't hurt. The needle he shoved into the cut didn't feel to hot. Hopefully nothing else happens with sharp objects👍😂🙏

By  simmpandher  |  24

Well, that doesn't sound like a very jolly time. Amirite or am I right?! Hopefully you're feeling better now OP 🤗

By  HHHE4  |  7

OP here!!! never in a million years thought I would get published! It was actually the bend in my thumb that I cut to the bone, not my actual hand. it changed that! It's been almost a month and still not fully healed😂 It was a brand new pocket knife and without thinking I pressed down with a wash cloth and slid it straight across my thumb trying to clean. When I got to the hospital he acted like it was nothing unusual for a Christmas day 😂😂 Thank you all for the comments. I appreciate them!!😂🙏👍

  Merganna  |  7

I read somewhere once, it's bad luck to give/receive a knife as a gift. You should always exchange it for a coin (even just a penny) so it's not a gift but a sale.

By  Yudith  |  18

Did nobody here heard about the knife-as-a-gift curse? If you receive a knife, you shall pay for it or you will get cut by it. A penny will do. You thought it was just a grandma's tale, didn't you?