By "MarchingNightmare" - / Saturday 26 January 2019 10:00 / United States - Hendersonville
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By  Turtles92  |  8

I can relate to that my birthday is December 29th, right between Christmas and New Years so everyone was always busy. Usually had to celebrated my birthday in early/mid January, lol.

By  zuckerburg  |  21

friends of mine who want me to celebrate the day they were born, when the dates conflict with a holiday or some kind of long weekend, would usually move the date of their celebration to a different day that suits most everyone in an attempt to maximize attendance. They also send out invites well in advance (30 days +) so that others, who would like to attend, have time to make plans or decline the invite because it conflicts with their own schedule. They then organize a different "coffee date" time with the person who wants them to celebrate their day. I sincerely think you don't know how life works, if it's taken you this long to realize you were doing it wrong.


Trust me, I've tried, and still am. I know my B-Day is in a holiday-filled time, so I try to celebrate with friends in Summer when we're all on break, and with family on he actual day. This particular year I told everyone 3 months in advance when it was and it still turned out in this mess

By  MarchingNightmare  |  8

Woof, didn't see that typo before sending :P Since this happened, I've confronted a lot of my friends about cancelling on most of my plans, as this has happened more often than I would like. Because of this, a lot of my former friends and I have parted ways and I kept some close friends who have changed their behavior. My whole group is being better about keeping plans we make, so we're all a little happier

By  NadiG7  |  2

Hey if you are in the NYC area and you decide to plan something again for your birthday... I AM THERE. I will definitely come to celebrate and have a great time with you. Hopefully you ditched those loser assholes. If are having something this year let me know seriously. I would glady come 😀😀😁😁❤❤❤