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  amDes  |  11

OP I hope you are happy, it really is a wonderfully thing to bring a life into the world. I have friends who have had babies young and we support them. Just don't be like this one chick who thought it was cool to bring a new born to college parties and camping with 20 drunk kids, please?!

  marcranger  |  28

If OP's posting about these test results on FML, I highly doubt it's a matter worthy of congratulations.

I know I'm going to get down voted to hell for this, but OP, I hope you consider ALL the options you have available to you. Sure, it's possible, as some commenters suggest, to have a baby and be successful in college, but if you really don't want to or can't balance the two, please don't. There are enough unwanted children out there. No need to add another to the mix.

Good luck OP, whatever you do!

  aersie  |  13

#42, "Mess with the bull, or you'll get the horns," is a quote from the Breakfast Club.

It's definitely time to get your study on, op.

  AnOriginalName  |  19

Possibly a good wake-up call, though. Nothing wrong with having something kick you in the face, only to make you realize that you need to fix things. I had such a wake-up call in school a while ago. I didn't get pregnant, but there was a sudden moment of clarity when I realized that failing classes is no way to go through school.