By drycleanplz - 21/06/2011 02:33 - Reserved

Today, I wore my expensive new white jacket to work, thinking it would be a nice change from my usual black. I managed to lean in printer ink. FML
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On the bright side, you now have another black item of clothing to match the rest! see, every cloud..

DontModMeDammit 10

Say it is original and brag about it around the office.


On the bright side, you now have another black item of clothing to match the rest! see, every cloud..

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

has a fucking silver lining.

I think the vast majority know how that idiom ends, thanks.

iSitt 0

say it's a Rorschach jacket.

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1


do you look like a dalmation?

7 - I really didn't know how that idiom ended and pretty sure the vast majority didn't either so quit it with the attitude, thanks.

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

*sigh* Dearest HannahForbesxo, I apologize for my rude behavior, will you ever forgive me?  30- fyi there isn't a "fucking" in it just in case you didn't know lol

rallets 22

its just meant to be join the dark side

Jonscarl 0

white jackets never work out.

lonewolf6613 4

add more ink stains and it could be cheeta print?

Dear ZombieeeeUnicorn, I gracefully accept your apology and wish to offer my own. It seems my "attitude" may be offensive to some people but I really only mean it in good faith. I do hope I haven't ruined our chance at what could have been the beginnings of a beautiful friendship. xP

a_nutritionist 10

@30 im quite sure the "vast majority" havent been living under a rock their entire lives. you must be an infant, in which case your english and computer literacy are astounding.

lonewolf6613 4

I didn't know what it was supposed to say and neither did my friends. so stop being a jerk. just cause you know something doesn't mean everyone else does. also just cause you don't know doesn't mean that no one understands either. what i'm trying to say is if you don't know then ask. if you do know then answer their question. problem solved?

fucking funny!!! I love yur sarcasm!!!

a_nutritionist 10

@67 you and your friends are idiots.

DontModMeDammit 10

Say it is original and brag about it around the office.

Once you go black.... ...... you can never go back.......

make it into a zebra suit

Maybe a cow would be easier, haha

DontModMeDammit 10


642_fml 0

If ive ive learend something in my dads is never were white!!!:)

Let me get this just learned that your dad is white? That's interesting! (And so if your grammar)

Why did you say "I've" twice?

I'm pretty sure that those were just type-o's... quit being so snooty.

and btw 29, you didn't finish your question. If his grammar is what?

It's a weird question. 19 is saying that his grammar it interesting too...

richard121212 0

you are now an official zebra

or dalmatian... and the list goes on..

a_nutritionist 10

michael jackson..?

or just a guy with a white jacket that has a black ink blob on it :P

That sucks. I guess you should have been watching where you were leaning.

Banana_Pancakes6 0

Stop complaining, you did it yourself dumb-ass...

brad036 0

Dude your pic looks like your eleven. Are you old enough to be calling someone a dumb bitch? Someone should tell your momma. LOL. The lady obviously had a bad day. She didn't blame it on any one else. Learn some respect man.

brad036 0

Dumb ass sorry. Not a dumb bitch

dbt88 15

Toner always manages to get everywhere, especially when changing the cartridge. Shit doesn't come off skin easily either, so it's not really her fault. Calm yourself. I think you're missing the point of this website. FYL, OP.

Just in case you haven't noticed but this is a website where you complain..

a_nutritionist 10

@31 if it gets everywhere and its her job to do this, then why would she wear a new expensive white jacket to work? no, this is entirely her fault, i have no sympathy for her.

Banana_Pancakes6 0

66 Understands it..

You should have designed it like that old mentos commercial when that guy sat on a freshly painted white bench with his black suit, rolls around on the bench and makes a new pinstriped suit out of it!

Call it ink chic and market the look. The name has a nice ring to it.