By Anonymous - / Tuesday 26 August 2014 21:46 / Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Maybe try asking him what he likes or doesn't like about what you are doing. If its a relationship you care about and want to stay in, you need to be open and able to communicate about everything, including sex.

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Way to be brutally honest .. If that happend to me my self confidence would be out the window , try asking him what he would like , what his fantasy is . Maybe that'll help :)


I think #29 just meant that he doesn't deserve to be asked what he likes. If my bf did that, I wouldn't even think of continuing the relationship. My heart goes out to OP, sorry this happened to you.


Exactly! The next time he wanted some, I'd remind him of just how "awful" he thought the last time was and say I wouldn't want to have to put him through that again. He's a dick.


It amazes me how our minds often fill in the blanks. Sometimes I read a comment, like yours, and don't even realize there's something wrong with it till I see the 2nd comment editing it. I then go back to the comment and realize there's a whole word missing that I didn't even realize. So weird.

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