By MCForty - 27/02/2015 15:29 - United States - Charlotte

Today, I won a pool game against some guy. His friends started mocking him for getting his ass whooped by a pregnant girl who couldn't even lean over the table. He got mad, swung his pool stick at them, missed, and hit me right in the face. FML
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Seems like he wasn't exactly on cue.

What a sore loser >_> Hope you're okay OP :( that sounds painful.


Hope you are alright, op!!! Hugs

"Ejaculates in sympathy"

Seems like he wasn't exactly on cue.

She didn't miss his cue

Must have been a chalky situation

*ba-tum tsss*

Hit him back, and call your shot, asshole side pocket.

should be thankful OP that you didn't get balls to the face

Start a duel with the pool sticks and really whoop him!

What a sore loser >_> Hope you're okay OP :( that sounds painful.

The guy isn't a sore loser he was swinging at his mates for ribbing him about losing to a pregnant girl. The guy is just a really bad shot.

It sounds like she is now a sore winner. Well at least in the face department

Nice skills, especially if you are pregnant!

Seems like a sore loser op sorry about your face, Congrats on the child though

I would be pretty mad if my friends started teasing me that I lost. Idk.

Has nothing to do with being a sore loser; he didn't swing at her on purpose.

#41, if you can't take someone teasing you about a loss then you probably shouldn't play the game...

@45 But he did swing at his friends because they were teasing him about losing. That still makes him a sore loser.

Hope your alright and hit him right back!

this one's masculinity is weak

should of put his balls in the pocket. feel better OP!

And then they mocked him for getting his literal ass beat by a pregnant girl, right?