By Tucker - / Monday 8 February 2010 19:29 / United States
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  charlie2_fml  |  2

Actually 157 you're the "dumbass" (excuse the rude language) I live in Canada and the legal drinking age where I live is 18 not 19 learn the facts before you start calling people names.

  Ajjas013  |  6

Yo fuck you guys. Perdix doesn't have to comment on every single FML. It's damn hard to come up with the creative shit he comes up to make you guys laugh. You can make your own comments. Don't take up space complaining about something irrelevant.

-Thanks :)

By  RyanKaufman  |  7

You're an idiot. You deserve it for sneaking out. Party and do what you want when you're alone. Hopefully when you get drunk because you're such an idiot, you get in your car, and smash into people who are like you.

  serfis  |  0

wait, did you just to tell him to party alone? you're a moron.

just because you had no life and were unfortunate enough to have no friends doesn't mean everybody should live like you

  Vitamin_C  |  0

yeah, clearly they raised you well..

chronological age is not the same as maturity - if your ass still needs to be grounded at 18, your parents haven't spanked you enough as a child.

By  happyhak  |  5

Well, OP, if you're out getting smashed and you dont have the intelligence to even cover your tracks, then its no wonder you're already grounded. :l YDI

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