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Today, I woke up very excited because I was going on my first date with this guy I really liked. I dressed very nicely and went to where we were supposed to meet. I waited for about 2 hours. I called him to ask him where he was. He got angry because he was still sleeping and I woke him up. FML
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  SunshineBoy21  |  0

#2 - Exactly, not the one - so, next! Additionally, this was a 'first' date - better you learned now what an asshole he is, than two kids later!

ps. #2 we have same bday, Scorpio's rule :)

  RODEOqueen  |  0

That's what I was thinking! She's obviously desperate for a date to wait that long, and you just look pathetic if you call and say you're still waiting two hours later.


Yep. Unless he or she calls to explain, half an hour and one call attempt is a pretty generous cutoff, IMO. Someone who'll keep you waiting that long without the common courtesy of a phone call wouldn't warrant initiating any further communication, either. Respect yourself and move the fuck on.