By shat - United States - San Francisco
Today, I woke up to the feeling of something crawling up my leg. I threw back the bed sheets and saw it was a cockroach. My dad said my ensuing scream was so girlish that he wondered what the hell my sister was doing in my bedroom. FML
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  TH_Insomniak  |  15

if you're like me and you work at a warehouse where packages from China come in, carrying cockroaches that can actually fly, you realize they're not gross after a while, its just an effect of them being totally different and unusual makes your mind hate them. get used to them, they're actually pretty cool

By  Ed_Fresco  |  6

I 100% feel you, cockroaches are so disgusting. Screaming like a girl is totally okay! See if you can get your dad to fumigate or something, cockroaches are really the worst.


I've never shaved my legs, but I think I would have decreased sensitivity on them without the hair
Given that if one of my hairs is moved I can tell instantly that something is on my leg (I.e. A mosquito or some other random critter)
I could be wrong though