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'Sleepwalk' into her room in a ski-mask whilst wielding a chainsaw. See if she's still smirking then.


The solution is simple...Kill her.

As dom toretto always says " family sticks together, no matter what." even if it's murder...

Piss in her mouth while she's sleeping for revenge

Piss in her mouth? Seriously? Maybe give her some lemonade with a hint of piss, if that's really what you want to do..but actually pissing in her mouth?

Well the mods just made me look stupid. I was replying to someone who said "Piss in her mouth". Must of got deleted..

I say falcon punch that bitch!

Simply stated, yet perfect for the occasion

Wait, are we talking about the mother or the younger sister?

yikes, that sucks. im sorry your mom took her side and not yours

I would have decked her in the face and said I was sleep punching.

My younger sister gets away with everything too. Sucks man I can relate

That's where you smack her as hard as you can. Your parents will go against you for that but she'll know what'll happen if she does it again.

My mom had a younger sister that would do things like this when they were younger, but my mom then actually beat her sister up because she said her parents were going to get angry at her either way.

Definitely lock your doors from now on..

Unfortunately, not everyone has locks on the doors to their rooms :/ And even if she does, judging by her idiot mother, she wouldn't be allowed to use it.

Yeah, I don't even have a door

I have a lock, but somehow my 10 year old brother knows how to pick locks and he would do something like that

cut your mom's hair with the same excuse.

Very good idea. Except say it was the sister sleep walking. The mom would have no come back for that. She can not even get mad without looking like a bitch.

The consequences of the mom waking up during the act does not seem worth it.

'Sleepwalk' into her room in a ski-mask whilst wielding a chainsaw. See if she's still smirking then.

OP!! Do this an film it! I would pay at least $5 to see that! It would help pay for a wig until your hair grows back.

Your sisters a bitch. Sorry not sorry. Shave her whole head when shes sleeping now

And the award for skanky photo goes to..

Why do you care what her picture is? What does that have to do with the FML? Are you just jealous because you're not cute at all?

Just do the same to her while "sleep walking"

On the plus side you'll probably become really good friends with the "scene kids" now.

Shave her head while she's asleep, claim you were sleep walking too. That little bitch.