By thacupcakeassassin - 13/09/2016 05:51 - United States - Shippensburg

Today, I woke up from the most satisfying dream I've ever experienced. Sex related? Nah. I just needed two hands to pull a massive booger from my left nostril. FML
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That's snot a bad dream. *waits for down votes*

I nose exactly how you feel.


Boogers > sex.

That, too, can be a very satisfying feeling according to your brain. Who am I to judge?

hope you washed your hands in your dream

That's snot a bad dream. *waits for down votes*

How ironic, you're waiting for something that you won't get a lot of!

Looks like you're picking up the slack, 13

I nose exactly how you feel.

plot twist..what you dreamt was a booger turned out to be your 4 D matrix breathing is your chance to escape the pod during repairs..XP haha

flyingflies 36

You tried too hard, dude.

Well thanks for giving Mnight Shyamalan his next movie idea...

Pulling boogers out of your nose is like finishing your math homework. It's all done and there's nothing more to get, and once you get there, you feel satisfied.

Whats the problem here?

A booger that required two hands to harvest? You need to put that thing in the Smithsonian next to the Hope Diamond!

RpiesSPIES 27

I've had that dream before. The end result is a gloriously putrid minty green.