By Anonymous
Today, I woke up from surgery to have my appendix removed, only to be told by my wife it didn’t happen because my appendix was healthy. It turns out my intense pain was a rancid fart that lasted nearly 10 whole seconds while I was asleep and cut open on the operating table. FML
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  Emma1562  |  35

They may not be able to, I had intense pain, vomiting, and they had to do surgery to remove my appendix but when they removed it they checked it and it was healthy.

  Muhubi  |  9

Wheb dealing with an appendix that may rupture, the hospital will usually just remove it because 1) it's not a necessary organ so removing it posses no real harm and 2) time is of the essence. if you wait too long it could rupture leading to sepsis and bacteremia, which is VERY bad

By  RichardPencil  |  30

I’m surprised they gave your wife such colorful details about how the surgery went.

I’m not sure if she’s going to want to “make love” with a guy who is capable of long-duration “rancid farts.” You let out one of those during sex and that’s a pretty fierce mood-killer!

By  Kurliez408  |  32

This sounds extremely odd. Several tests are conducted, including imaging, before an appendix surgery (even an emergency), so how the hell were you operated on when your appendix was fine? Not to mention the fact that most appendicitis cases are accompanied by fever and/or a ''dragging'' leg, out of which I assumed you showed neither.
I really hope this is fake otherwise those are some awful doctors....