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Today, I woke up early, went to the gym, then came home and showered. When I went into my room to change, my mom woke up and started pounding on my door, screaming about how lazy and useless I was for sleeping so late. When I tried to tell her otherwise, she grounded me for "talking back". FML
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How are we suppose to explain ourselves without talking back?


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She doesn't have to take being called lazy, she has a right to defend herself

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Kevin all you do is ydi every post please shut up and get off FML

1, you should just change your name to CLU. Kevin Flynn would never say such things.

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I agree with your profile Kevin. You do seem like an ass and a bastard.

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My gym is one or two miles away , I wouldn't walk

107- one or two miles really isn't that long of a walk... Why is it that you go to the gym, if you apparently don't like to exercise?

Well OP did not mention anyone taking him to the gym and by which I pressumed he drove himself there.

He could be old enough to drive but not old enough to move out

I guess. It's all very different here in South Africa... Drive at 18 and move out at 18 only

CallMeMcFeelii 13

OP could have walked, ran, or rode a bicycle there. Some guys get their cardio from jogging to the gym I go to.

Emancipation is spelled 'a-l-c-o-h-o-l-i-c'. Note: Just realized people are going to jump all over the factual in accuracy of that joke, I realize that bad parental relationships will not solely get you emancipated.

33 - OP could have an A1 license. You can get that in South Africa at 16.

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31- even if OP can drive they might only be 16 or 17 years old. If that's the case they would most likely still be in school and can't leave home.

I drive to the gym. But then again I live in a bad neighborhood.

@41: Not really? The gym could be several miles away, or, they could be saving their strength for the hardcore workout instead of getting burnt out from the walking.

I didn't mean to be rude. I live in a small town and everyone I know that goes to the gym, drives there (it's really not far), which in my opinion misses the point. I don't know what it's like in a big city, but I suppose it might be harder to walk or cycle there. My apologies.

33 op is from the united states. Which means you drive at 16 move out at 18.

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I don't think there are many 18 year olds in America that are financially stable enough to move out

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It's not wise to post the town you live in.

89- quite a few states in the US don't allow people to drive until 17..

Sometimes parents just don't know any better.

These fml's are full of dumb parents. Why are these parents so dumb? Also, how can someone sleep through all of that? I would have woken up to some kind of noise...maybe.

29 - As far as your first question goes: we hear about them on this site BECAUSE they're doing something dumb. If the parents was intelligent and wonderful, it really wouldn't be an FML, would it?

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I would like to question the fact that the parent is mad at OP for being lazy, yet grounds OP as punishment. Wouldn't grounding OP mean that OP wouldn't be able to do anything and would therefore be more lazy?

I'm my old high school you could be suspended for ditching it definitely misses the point

101- No, not at all. If OP is grounded there's more time to do chores and cleaning around the house since they can't go out with friends or play video games or whatever they like to do. And I'm guessing that doing stuff around the house is mainly what the mom was talking about.

I can't tell you how annoying it is when parents won't hear you out.

How are we suppose to explain ourselves without talking back?

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It seems like parents would rather assume this than admit that we're right

It's been my experience that when someone is bound and determined to act like a complete ass hat, actually listening to what the other person has to say is irrelevant.

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You can't really. I know that if i don't give a strait yes or no statement to my dad when he's irritable, i get chewed out for being "nasty and sarcastic". Sometimes, you just can't win. :/

SkyGuy32 17

Write a note to respond! Much more effective than miming.

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I think OP's parents are old schools. These types of parents think that they already know everything and blame their children for any mistakes. After all, they are the "adults", they are smarter and they're always right... they could even tell what you're doing wrong even if you're nine miles away. They couldn't possibly make mistakes (even in guessing) unlike their young and stupid children.

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Yep your mom would be what call a bitch

Well it's useless of her to pound on your door and yell at you.

I would of gave up on explaining and just ignored her ignorant remarks.

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Your mom is the lazy one here and an ignorant bitch. Calmly explain what you were doing.

Well at least you know you're not lazy and you are productive. That counts for something right?