By choker - United States
Today, I went to Walmart with my mom. At the check out line I was eating a bag of chips as my mom bought her stuff. I inhaled while eating and I started to choke. The cashier asked me if I was okay. My mom just waved her hand, and said, "Sometimes she does that for attention, ignore her." FML
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By  Ghettogreen  |  0

This reminds me of a friend of ours.

One day in 5th grade, we had a substitute teacher. As we were doing doing popcorn reading, our friend started to have a severe asthma attack.
We told sub how he needed to go to the nurse for his inhaler, but she wouldn't let him go. We were pleading with her, "He can't breath.. he needs to go to the nurses office. He has asthma." She still wouldn't let him fucking leave the room.