By taxi!!!! - / Wednesday 9 January 2019 12:00 / Canada - Montr?al
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By  davidfong  |  14

You have a truck why didn’t you just push the car in front of you forward and make it to work on time.

When you knew you were going to be late or had this issue did you call work to inform them. If not then you got what you deserved.

By  Mungolikecandy  |  17

Your truck was wedged in but at the same time sliding backwards? Let it slide as it will get it out from between those cars.

By  Virids  |  13

So what I'm getting out of this is that you wanted to use your truck to get to work. Instead 2 cars were parked so close to your truck you could not get it out. Especially not since the thin ice patch underneath moved your truck. You wanted to take the bus as an alternative but realized that it had already passed by and you would not be able to catch it. Instead you took a taxi. Once you arrived at work you got fired due to "lack of work" which could either mean you don't do your job properly or for not being on time.

  masonbelise  |  6

See I interpret lack of work as there being too many employees and not enough work to go around. I’ve lost a job before due to “lack of work” and that was because my job at the company was eliminated during a company shuffle.

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