By gotta_respond - 10/01/2015 19:22 - United States - Piscataway

Today, I went to the supermarket with my husband and kids. A crazy old man started yelling at us and challenged us to fight him outside. Security had to escort us to our car. Why was he so mad? Our cart momentarily blocked his path to the beef jerky samples. FML
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Good beef jerky is something to die for.

he had some beef because he was jerky


Those old men have to have their beef jerky

You all were messing with Sasquatch. Stop messing with Sasquatch...

After you pass that certain age, beef jerky can make or break your day.

Good beef jerky is something to die for.

FREE beef jerky is something to die for haha.

my slim jim is free ;)

Denial of jerky is in fact a killing offense. You got off easy

he had some beef because he was jerky

That should be a slogan for their company, "Beef Jerky worth starting beef for"

I hope security beefed him up on his behaviour

that jerk had beef with you over some jerky?! that's crazy!

Sorry OP but if by momentarily you really mean "I left my cart in the middle of a busy aisle for 5 minutes to read the nutritional info on two separate labels" I kinda side with the old man... Plus I'm pretty sure this is what happened because this is every family ever that goes to a store together. YDI However if he's actually insane and you pissed him off by walking past his jerky then FYL :(

Even if she was blocking the whole damn aisle, there is no need for him to get violent.

Yes, however, I'm pretty sure that a "could you please move your cart" would have also done the trick

Dude, it was a warehouse store and we were one aisle away from the check-out lines (the most crowded part of the store). Our cart was stopped because there was literally no where to go. We were all chill, like everyone else in that part of the store, gradually scooting forward through the sea of carts toward the check-out lanes. The nut was going against the flow and seemed to think that we could just vanish. I mean, if I had the ability to make my cart and family rise above the earth to let him pass under us, I certainly would have, but that's not an option and that was the only direction that we could move in. Carts to the left, carts behind us, beef jerky to the right, and some madman in front of us trying to go against the flow of traffic. He started mumbling threats and waving his arms around wildly and thing escalated quickly :-P

I guess he really likes beef jerky.

Don't be between a man and his food. Joke aside too sensitive guy.

cant stand between a man and his protein

Gotta have that free jerky... that stuff is expensive