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No joking please

Today, I went to the ER after a fall. Before the nurse did an X-Ray, she gave me a pregnancy test. It came back negative. I joked, "No martians have crawled into my uterus, then?" She didn't get it, and I had my head scanned for brain trauma. Never crack a joke in a hospital. FML
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  olarvman  |  5

You're an idiot. If you knew just how many insane people we get in the ER, you wouldn't be saying that. Also, most ER's are always busy and want to get through patients as quickly as possible. Keeping you there longer for something as time-consuming as a head scan of any sort simply for the money (which the doctor or nurse doesn't get paid extra for) is a stupid thing to say.

  sulitak  |  27

I was thinking that #94... when I fell down stairs, and was only there to get my shoulder popped back into place (I dislocated it because I held onto the railing instead of just falling) they didn't care how many times I said "I didn't hit my head" I still had to get the scan

  42billybob  |  5

In the internet dialect of English "Fail" is a noun, adjective, adverb, and verb with no derivatives. (Failure, Failed, Failing, etc) Consider this before calling someone on their grammar.

  Buchitoo  |  4

Besides miscarriages it can also cause birth defects, mental retardation, intrauterine growth retardation and the induction of cancers like leukemia during childhood.

  Galex7471  |  4

Probably to rule it out as a reason why she fell. I'm guessing the head scan was probably also to make sure there was nothing wrong with her head that would cause the fall or was injured in the fall.

  josegalvez08  |  0

all this from a pregnancy test huh? so you're telling me birth defects can be seen from a II or a I? or +, -? pregnancy tests are only a yes or no answer detecting HcG. if the test was done by an ultrasound then maybe I would agree but not from a pregnancy test...

  Medic3  |  4

#61, josegalvez08:
The pregnancy test is administered prior to X-rays to allow the patient to make an informed decision about the risks v benefits of the diagnostic test (X-ray). It is in fact a measure of HcG (pregnancy hormone). Should the test have been positive, they would have arranged X-ray opaque materials to shield the area of the uterus to the best of their ability, reducing the potential exposure.

  Cleo88  |  6

Also they just like to do them seriously everytime i go to the walk in clinic for bladder infection or anything where I give urine they always do a test, even if I'm like there is no way I'm pregnant, I haven't had sex