By mcginnismr
Today, I went to the doctor's office, where my mother happens to work. When my doctor tried to prank her by saying I have chlamydia, my mother laughed and said she didn't believe it, adding, "Have you even seen the way she interacts with boys?" FML
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  theoldman  |  22

There's nothing wrong with "being promiscuous" as long as you are being safe about it. You can have sex and be healthy. I don't like the implication that if you have a lot of sex that you are diseased.

  DarkSerebii  |  11

You can be monogamous and still be diseased. Not everyone knows/discloses that they have an infection right off the bat, or they're too ashamed/assholish to admit it.

By  Ms_ValS  |  27

I really don't understand how that would be a funny prank. What if she slapped you across the face as a knee jerk reaction? My parents sure would. Oh well. Maybe he knows you and your mother well enough to know how she'd react to hearing that about you.