By Nik - 23/01/2009 15:41 - United States

Today, I went to the doctor because I broke my wrist. My mom told the nurse that I broke it while masturbating. FML
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well....did you?

A) how would she know? B) how is that even possible?


well....did you?

cthulhu_fml 0

Yes, did you?

is that how you broke it? if so... your retarded. and sux cant do itanymore til its better.

You're * sucks * can't * till *

Wouldn't an abbreviation of until be 'til instead of till?

A) how would she know? B) how is that even possible?

while in handcuffs

Hahahha....your mom is so cool. Next time, take it easy so you don't end up in the hospital again.

Lamesauce_Lala 0

Hth is that even possible? Minus the fact your mom probably just said it for the 'ell of it, Does she realize that's ALMOST impossible?

if you think about it.... that can be a compliment :D

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A) How come this only has 15 comments? B) How come the post thinks it has 5?

Wow. That's some intense masturbating there...

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Well damn, I love ur mom if my mom was like that it would be awsum