By adriana - United States
Today, I went to the bank to deposit the cash I made waiting tables. While the teller was counting, I apologized for having so many small bills and she said "It's OK honey, I helped another one of your kind just the other day. You're lucky we take your dirty money." She thought I was a stripper. FML
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  plexico  |  3

She didn't stereotype her because of the small bills . . . it was the big tits.

PS: I admire your humility for not gloating over the primacy of your comment. Congrats on that accomplishment.

  lologirl419  |  0

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the teller sounds like a prude to me. i would have told her to shove it in her dirty mouth for stereotyping you and all. sounds like the teller hasn't gotten laid in a while.

  cosmolilly  |  0

no she doesn't deserve it. People can dress however they want. and most strippers and models when they're not working dress pretty bummy because their job is to look perfect constantly (I'm talking about good strippers not fat trashy redneck ones lol) Plus what do you define as "dressing slutty"? I guess we should all wear turtlenecks and knee length walking shorts? You're either a jealous girl or a chauvinistic guy


there's no evidence she was dressed as a whore. that said, i love how the bank teller referred to strippers as "your kind" as though they're a different species. strippers are people too, right? Right?

  Kurg  |  0

Not you mention she calls them, "Your kind" as if they are a different species. I'll probably get a bunch of clever feedback comments for saying that, but oh well.

  likethat_fml  |  0

The ATM is the best way to go.
When I worked as a waitress in a bar, I'd get done at 4 in the morning or so. I once went to Walgreen's after finishing a shift to pick up contact cleaner I needed for the next morning and the cashier asked me if I was tired from dancing all night. Customer service has disappeared.

  chelzy  |  0

yeah... I'll have to remember that. Ibring in all fifties. the guy thought I was an underage whore. I work at innout. (make all the jokes you want, it's a pun.)

  ididitmyself  |  0

HEY even if she IS a stripper there is nothing wrong with that!! some people gotta make that money and don't get help from anyone else!! screw you all! I know lots of girls that are paying for school and won't owe thousands in student loans when they graduate!!!

  EddiesGirl  |  14

@123 I completely disagree. strippers are plain nasty for any reason. like the comment above said, I'd rather have loans and dept than to sell my body out like that. its called MORALS something that every girl seems to forgotten. it's why every guy is a pig, cuz every girl decided to be a whore


You don't have to be sexy to be a stripper. You just have to be willing to go around a strip joint with just a thong on and do some strip routines. Oh and give lap dances. Sexy has nothing to do with it, but it might get you more customers!