By Dontsitsitandyoudie - 02/05/2017 14:00 - Iceland - Reykjav?k

Today, I went to sit on a desk chair, which promptly rolled out from under me. This made me fall on my own foot, literally shattering two bones. I just bought a 9-month gym membership and can't use it because I wanted to sit down. FML
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Get a doctors note, perhaps they'll let you back out. They're nasty though if it's a huge chain. Also everyone, unless you've been going to a/that gym for a while (on a month to month payment) Try not to outright purchase a huge membership when you've only done one of their guest trials. The 'sales' and 'promotions' they have happen all the time! Never feel pressured!

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see? this is why you don't buy gym memberships.


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It was fate

You should check with the gym as to whether you can put a hold on your membership, then continue with the same amount of months you have left remaining before it was put on hold. I have joined two different gyms before and I was told that I can do that if I had a valid reason (i.e. injuries, emergency that requires me to be away for a certain time).